November 18-21: Orlando, FL

2015 NAEYC Annual Conference & Expo

The early childhood education event of the year! We will be showing off our new Pre-K curriculum, Blueprint.  Join us and other educators from across the country and around the world to participate in hundreds of well-planned workshops, seminars, and presentations on the latest research and information on early childhood development. Be sure to visit us in booth 1145 in the Exhibit Hall, where we’ll be with more than 1,000 other booths featuring the best materials, services, and ideas for early childhood teachers, administrators, and programs.

December 2nd 2015

Classroom Culture in Pre-K Seminar

Participants take an in-depth look at the elements of classroom culture, which include planning and reflecting, language, procedures and responsibilities. They will examine and build upon their set of beliefs and values related to education, assuring that their belief system is conducive to the learning and achievement of the children they serve. They will learn about successful classroom management strategies, and how to plan mini lessons that establish the routines and rituals needed to make learning successful and fun.

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December 7th 2015

Author Study in Pre-K Workshop

Young children benefit from the realization that the books they love so much were written by actual people – people with their own story, preferences, and sources of inspiration. Participants learn what an author study is and the benefits of studying some popular children’s authors in their pre-kindergarten classroom. They learn how to plan an author study that truly engages children in learning about the author’s life, their favorite topics, and some of the similarities that exist among several titles. This fosters their interest in books and their awareness of themselves as budding authors who have their own story to write.

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February 20th 2016

Interactive Writing in Pre-K Workshop

Interactive Writing, commonly referred to as “sharing the pen” is a powerful instructional practice for supporting emergent writers in their move towards independence. During this training, participants will see how the process of Interactive Writing helps children learn the rules of conventional print in a risk-free environment. Teachers learn how to scaffold writers’ attempts by making specific teaching decisions based on the students’ abilities and needs. Through videos and readings, participants will also grow familiar with the steps in the writing process as it relates to Interactive Writing – including planning, composing, revising and editing.

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April 16th 2016

Using Songs and Rhymes in the Pre-K Classroom Workshop

Children naturally love to sing! This training will spotlight the valuable role that singing songs and reciting rhymes plays in literacy development and will help teachers learn to capitalize on their preschoolers’ enthusiasm in these areas to foster their literacy growth. Participants learn strategies for using songs and rhymes to teach listening skills, foster phonemic awareness, and build vocabulary. Techniques for engaging children to develop their phonics skills will be discussed as well. Participants actively engage in singing songs and reciting rhymes to practice the strategies offered, which they can then take back with
them into their classrooms and centers. A handbook of songs and rhymes will be distributed.

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April 28th 2016

Teaching our Youngest Writers: Writing in the Pre-K Classroom Seminar

Participants learn about the developmental stages of young writers, gain an understanding of how to encourage young writers towards writing when it is developmentally appropriate, and plan lessons that meet the needs of early writers. In addition, participants learn about how the information that they have at their fingertips–from their knowledge of their students to various forms of assessment–can help facilitate great growth for their populations of young writers.

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May 7th 2016

Literacy Environment in the Pre-K Classroom Seminar

While the teacher is the primary educator in the room, the literacy environment is often considered the “other” teacher in the classroom. An environment that is organized, engaging, and conducive to learning is possible with thoughtful consideration and careful planning. During this training, participants will learn how to create a child-friendly and engaging literacy environment that promotes independence and literacy learning. Elements such as space, print, and books will be explored.
Specifically, participants will learn how to create an inviting library corner, centers that are both stationery and portable, and anchor charts that capture the children’s learning. Teaching children how to responsibly utilize the space and materials in their classroom will also be explored.

This is a SERK: Southeast Regional Key Training Date. Visit, login and then register.

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